Raid and Server Technology Information

What is RAID?

RAID (Redundant array of independent of independent disks) in simple terms it is information storing virtualization machinery that encompasess several Physical Disk Drive parts into one logical unit.


The main principle behind RAID was initially mentioned by the co-founders of Geac Computer Corporation; who are Gus German, and Ted Grunau. Who called it MF-100.It was later related to RAID after an invention of The term “RAID” was developed by David Patterson, Garth A. Gibson and Randy Katz.
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Hebrew education benefits

The Hebrew School provides the knowledge and experience necessary for its students to make a commitment to live a Jewish life . It seeks to develop in its students a deep and abiding faith in God, Israel, and Torah; a positive identity as Jews; an understanding of Jewish beliefs, values and ethics, and history and facts as defined in the curriculum. Hebrew school also seeks to motivate students to continue their education after Bar/Bat Mitzvah and to use what they have learned for the benefit of the Jewish community at large.
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Higher Education at Hebrew Colleges

During the history of American higher learning, Jews have been both been not accepted and sidelined in academic life. Their past life of prejudice in the US brought about the creation of secular and religious institutes where there is celebration and exploration of Jewish American tradition. At present, these universities and colleges advocate tolerance and Jewish values and yield graduates from various denominations.
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What is Jewish Music and how did it Evolve

Jewish tradition has long been known not only for its top scientists and philosophers but also for our creative artists of both past and future. Today I would like to give homage to ten brilliant Jewish composers. The composers have all been classically trained and have written either liturgical or secular music based on traditional Jewish themes.

Let us first answer the question of what actually is Jewish music.
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What is a Hebrew School

Hebrew school can be either the Jewish equivalent of Sunday school – an educational regimen separate from secular education, focusing on topics of Jewish history and learning the Hebrew language, or a primary, secondary or college level educational institution where some or all of the classes are taught in Hebrew.

The first usage is more common in the United States, while the second is used elsewhere outside of Israel, for example, in reference to the Colegio Hebreo Unión in Barranquilla, Colombia, or the Associated Hebrew Schools in Toronto.
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Finding the Best Career Path for you

When trying to decide what careers our children want to enter into, it’s always a difficult decision. As parents we of course want the best for them. We want them to follow the teachings of the Tohra and simultaneously have a gratifying and successful career that will provide them with financial abundance and joy. As elders we often feel compelled to share our wisdom and experience with the next generation, therefore it comes to no surprise that in the past most Jewish children have selected educational and career paths that have been outlined by either their family or the community. Continue reading

Why send your child to Hebrew school?

At least once a month, someone, usually a business acquaintance who doesn’t know much about your private life, will ask what your child is up to at Hebrew day school, and then go on to let you know in no uncertain terms that you are a traitor to every aspect of the Yiddish language and culture from which you make most of your living, from the fondly remembered labor movement to the Yiddish-speaking Orthodoxy in which you were raised. They’re upset that someone like you, who spends so much of his time writing and lecturing about Yiddish, has been sending his kid to an Ivrit b’Ivrit (Zionist Hebew-language) day school in which the study of Yiddish is, quite literally, not an option.
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