Finding the Best Career Path for you

When trying to decide what careers our children want to enter into, it’s always a difficult decision. As parents we of course want the best for them. We want them to follow the teachings of the Tohra and simultaneously have a gratifying and successful career that will provide them with financial abundance and joy. As elders we often feel compelled to share our wisdom and experience with the next generation, therefore it comes to no surprise that in the past most Jewish children have selected educational and career paths that have been outlined by either their family or the community.


We have seen a new development over the past years in which the career options selected by young Jewish children after graduating high school and college have broaden immensely. Some of the reasons are that the new generation has acclaimed a self-found freedom that is far larger than its predecessor generations. This has allowed new opportunities to enter, the mind of the young and inexperienced. In addition the job market and the economy have changed, making some professions of the past less valuable to some, due to economic factors or a high degree of competition.

Also the Talmudic experience tells us that choosing the ideal occupation is not a trivial decision. The profession one chooses can affect the amount of time available for spiritual duties, one’s earnings, and whether an individual remains honest.

The Talmud further says that one’s profession should be pleasant and not back-breaking!

In addition to many of the most common stereotypical career paths, such as banking, Law entertainment and film, a wide variety in Technology have been happily embraced by the Jewish community at large. Careers in Industrial engineering, web design and software development have become very common. Here at the Hebrew College we have adapted our curriculum to provide a wide horizon of academic studies. Based on recent research statistics we have further enhanced our Computer Science department to include advancements in artificial intelligence. In addition further enhancements have been made to our linguistic and literature departments to include advanced language studies in Chinese.

Some of the possible interesting career options:

Computer Forensics Analyst
Performs forensic examinations on computers and smart phones, to perform complex data recovery and present the evidence in Court. Demand for this profession has been growing and it does not appear to reach its peek anytime soon. Attractive compensation and an exciting career are what make the computer forensics analyst a great profession.

Marketing Director
This field has drastically changed in the recent years, especially as social media has become popular and internet marketing has started to replace some of the traditional marketing and advertising vehicles.

Software Developer
Software developers could work on the applications side, designing software, or on the systems side, building operating systems.

Pharmacists mix technical, organizational and people skills in a customer service environment. Each day, more than 281,560 pharmacists dispense medicine and advice to patients at hospitals and retail chains.

Podiatrists are officially recognized as Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPM). The Bureau of Labor Statistics attributes a high growth projection for podiatrists to increasing demand for foot and ankle care from the nation’s aging population

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