What is Jewish Music and how did it Evolve

Jewish tradition has long been known not only for its top scientists and philosophers but also for our creative artists of both past and future. Today I would like to give homage to ten brilliant Jewish composers. The composers have all been classically trained and have written either liturgical or secular music based on traditional Jewish themes.

Let us first answer the question of what actually is Jewish music.


Wikipedia says: “Jewish music is the music and melodies of the Jewish people”.

Is there a Jewish sound? How about a Jewish instrument? If there is such a thing as a Jewish instrument it would have to be the shofar. Also, it is among Violinist that Jews are particular popular. Well Known violinists such as Yitzhak Perlmanm Gil Shaham, Jascha Heifetz, Maxim Vengerov and Nathan Millstein just to name a few. As we examine Jewish musicians we cannot forget the pianist, which are even more numerous than the violinist. Such as Vladimir Horowitz, Andras Schiffer, Murray Perahia, Bennet Lerner and Artur Schnabel.

Moving forward to seeing the musical prodigy of Jewish composers such as Felix Mendelssohn, Gustav Mahler or greats such as the 17th century Salamone de’Rossi. Many of the jewish musicians and composers have been influenced by German and French musical traditions as the Jewish people have been strongly integrated in the early 19th century.

Jewish composers have stood out in the genre of opera. Richard Rodgers, whether half of the pair Rodgers and Hart or the later team Rodgers and Hammerstein, is a champion composer of musical comedy. Our composers have excelled more in operetta than any other genre.

During the initial part of the 20th century Irving Berlin was in many people opinion on of the best known composer of popular music in unites states prior to the days of rock and roll music. Due to probably cultural differences the Jewish community has never fully embraced rock and roll and therefore has not produced any big names in this industry.

Jews in America, as incorporated as any Jewish group in history has ever been, maybe should have been inspired to create great names in rock and roll, particularly since rock and roll, which consolidates components of musicality and soul with nation and western, is the most coordinated manifestation of well-known music in America. Jewish writers are underrepresented in terms of rock and roll, in spite of the fact that we do have Paul Simon, among others. Sway Dylan’s music is off and on again called “society rock,” however it has minimal in the same way as customary rock and roll.

Jewish immigrants wrote popular folk music. At first, songs were based on borrowed melodies from German, Russian, or traditional Jewish folk music with new lyrics written in Hebrew.

At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries many Jewish composers sought to create a distinctly Jewish national sound in their music.

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